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Additional Services

Crown Molding Orlando FLNC Flooring is not a company that is confined to flooring solutions such as tiling, hardwood flooring, laminating and carpeting among others. We offer a plethora of additional services which are deemed in any home, office or commercial place. Any property requires various fixtures, many of which are utilitarian while some are for the purpose of décor and enhancement of the setting. NC Flooring can offer a horde of additional services which can be explicably useful and aesthetically pleasing. Specifically, we specialize in baseboards, bath remodeling, fireplaces, crown molding and kitchen backsplashes among others.

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Modern day apartments and some townhouses which have been built in recent times may or may not typically have baseboards. In older houses, baseboards were an obvious inclusion. Alternatively known as skirting or skirting boards, floor molding or base molding, baseboards are very utilitarian as well as cosmetic in any home. A unique design of baseboards can make the convergence of the floors and walls look elegant and special. Besides, the baseboards can always segregate the flooring and the walling solutions which make it easier for you to clean the different structures in their ideal manner.

Bath Remodeling

Bath remodeling is desirable in any home. Changing some fixtures and upgrading them can save energy and can increase the value of your home. Timely remodeling can save you unprecedented expenses that come with malfunctioning plumbing fixtures and other essential features of a bath. Your bathroom can also get a pleasant makeover with a state of the art remodeling. NC Flooring can offer you a unique bath remodeling plan at economic prices which would have a direct impact on the financial value appreciation of your home and on the aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms.


NC Flooring has an intriguing catalogue of fireplaces that can enhance the very setting of your living room. Whether you love elegant fireplaces or want some really chic and cool, NC Flooring can develop the ideal fireplace for your home. You may choose fireplaces from our existing designs or have us conceive a completely unique design. Our fireplaces are phenomenally utilitarian but also boast of fascinating designs.

Crown Molding

Similar to baseboards, crown molding is another feature that is steadily becoming a thing of the past in modern homes despite its utility and aesthetic appeal. At NC Flooring, we can develop niftily neat designs of crown molding for any room of your house or for your entire home.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are very utilitarian installations and every kitchen should have them. NC Flooring has myriad types of kitchen backsplashes, both in regards to design and material.